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Hello, Gorgeous!

I'm Cori, founder and - as my staff and clients call me - “Queen Diva” of Downtown Divas. Being my own #girlboss means I am able to create an environment in my boutique that resonates my vision –– Downtown Divas is all about beautiful, classy, silly, unapologetic fashion, without any of the stuffy feel. 

My passion is to help you bring out YOUR inner diva. Whether you need something for brunch, a cocktail party, or a girls night in, my goal is for you to leave Divas feeling like your most beautiful, true self.

Thank you for being you & believing in me. 



Cori's Journey

"Mom, I'm sick, can I stay home from school?"

       You wouldn't know it by looking at the blonde bombshell, but Cori actually felt very shy as a kid. That shyness along with her love of organization, led to her often playing sick so she could stay home from school and organize her closet and drawers by color. Cori likes to argue that technically she WAS sick –– just of her clothes not being organized! (Sorry Cori’s mom, she didn’t mean to be dishonest, she says she loves you.) Fashion has always been an obsession of Cori's, but she never knew it was something she could have in her life until her early 20's when she said "forget the self-doubt!” and started living as a full-blown fashionista. Cori used fashion as a tool to overcome her shyness and insecurities, and to get comfortable in her own skin. And so her dream to create her own boutique was born.

"If I can do this, I can live MY own dream!"

       Cori began pursuing a degree in criminal justice out of admiration of her step-mother and brother who were in the criminal justice field. Shortly thereafter, she knew it would never feed her soul the way a career in fashion would. She found herself as the general manager of 3 busy locations of a local boutique chain. She's always been more of a hands-on learner, so after handling the hectic day-to-day life of that job like a champ and fueled by learning from her father's work ethic, twenty-three year old (fearless) Cori soon knew she was ready to face the new challenge of opening her own store. With a lot of prayers, a deep breath and God by her side, she opened Downtown Divas in the fall of 2002 as her own boss, just like she knew she'd be. Divas became the place where she learned how to really love and accept herself. Ever since, her goal has been to give that same gift to all her clients.

"That looks wicked good on you, babe. Can I get you, like, a glass of wine?"

       Cori sees Divas as a place for fun, openness, and love through fashion. That means telling you exactly how great you look in those pants and when the color of that top could be better for your skin tone. With her heart of gold, giving back to her community with acts of service is in her DNA, which is why people feel so loved, supported, and taken care of when they shop at Divas. Cori built Divas to be an empowering, glamorous, safe space. Divas offers an all-inclusive shopping experience. As lead stylist, Cori can make you feel like you've got an entire team of fashion experts dedicated to finding your best looks and helping your inner beauty shine.  

Come to Downtown Divas and get a makeover with your all-in-one style coach, cheerleader, and best friend. :)